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Amazonite Heart

Amazonite Heart


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Amazonite – associated with the throat & heart chakras.

Blue-green with white or light striations, it is a variety of the common mineral feldspar. The energies of amazonite are those of the female warriors. It reminds the user that physical manifestations true powers lie in knowing one’s self, helping us to shine a light inwards and revealing one’s own individual strengths and acknowledging theses talents.

Amazonite draws on your courage to seek and speak your truth. It inspires creativity and personal expression, raising the user’s energies. It will help us to see clearly in all situations, filtering out the nonsensical and revelling only in the real and true.

It can also help to tap into ancestral energies, as well as shield one from geopathic stresses such as microwaves, computers and mobile phones.

Size 1.5 inches x 0.5 inches x 1.5-2 inches. (approx)
Weight 24-28g (approx)

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