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The History of Saturn Crystals.

The Saturn Crystals online store was established in 2017 and it is with great pleasure and excitement that we bring to you Saturn Crystals London. From our origins selling crystals at St. Albans Market, our growth and expansion has moved us into the online marketplace, allowing us to reach more crystals lovers around the World.
Our director, Veronica has always had a passion for tourism and geography from an early age. After graduating with BA honors from London South Bank University, she travelled extensively, exploring the caves and caverns of the Caribbean examining the stalactites and stalagmites and visiting geological sites in South America, Turkey and the copper mines in Zambia. She has also been lucky enough to visit world famous museums such as the Cairo Museum, the Science Museum and the Natural history museum, all of which house outstanding gemstone and crystal collections.

Abu Simbel Temles, Egypt

Victoria Falls, Zambia

La Soufriere Volcano,

St. Vincent

Chichen Itza Pyramid, Mexico

Harrisons Caves, Barbados

Hierapolis Pamukkali, Turkey


How it Started


Veronica's first encounter with gemstones was during her 20's. After a recent photo shoot, a middle-aged reiki healer, with white facial hair, wearing a yellow turban approached her on Regent Street, London and started to predict her destiny.

When he was finished, he handed her a small piece of red jasper and told her to keep it in her wallet always. For a long time after, the stone stayed in her wallet, until unfortunately it was lost and that was that.

Photoshot (snap from that day).

After going crystal shopping and acquiring a beautiful piece of white apophyllite, Veronica had her second encounter with the world of crystals.

The stone was left sitting idle on a windowsill for a few nights, in order to be cleansed by the strong moonlight.

After deciding to place the crystal under her pillow one night, something extraordinary happened. Veronica reflects on how her mind’s eye was bathed in warm white light and a very cold blue energy moved upwards from the base of her spine to her crown; an unstoppable force that Veronica says re-aligned her thoughts.

Bingo! The catalyst to start the crystal journey was born.


Why Saturn Crystals?

Under intense pressure, beautiful gems are formed.

Did you know it literally rains crystals on Saturn?

Ammonia crystals in Saturn’s atmosphere make it appear a pale yellow much like the crystal citrine. Saturn is the sixth planet and the second largest in our solar system. Associated with the zodiac sign Capricorn it is know as the hard task master bringer of hardship and rewards.

Saturn represents discipline, order, and structure - all of the things it takes for a crystal to form.

Saturn Crystals' journey represents a diamond in the rough.


What Does the Future Hold?

Saturn Crystals London was setup to help others feel the power and magical properties of crystal frequencies and vibrations. We are hoping to secure a bricks-and-mortar presence, allowing our lovely customers to visit us in person and chat through our collections.

We are currently seeking a suitable location for this, so pop in your email address below and we will keep you posted.

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