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What Our Crystals Mean.


Selecting Your Crystals

When selecting your new crystal, allow yourself to be drawn by its attractiveness and beauty. Look out for it's textures, colours, shape and geometry. Then, go with your first instinct.

The crystal's magnetism or electrical properties will guide you to it, hence the crystal will choose you and it will be the right crystal for your current situation.

How to use Your Crystals

Crystals are incredibly versatile. They can be used in a wide range of ways to improve your life physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. 

  • They can be worn as a talisman, carried in your wallet or pocket for protection, manifestation or overall well-being. 
  • They can be placed around the home to cleanse the aura and lift the energies, or they can be used in a crystal grid for channelling information. 
  • They can be placed on specific areas of the body for healing and re-aligning ones auric field. 
  • Used for meditation, either holding the crystal in your receiving or giving hand. 
  • Or placed under your pillow at night for clarity of dreams.  

The measure of how effective crystals are in your life should not be gauged by the experience of a single session. On some days you may be more sensitive to processes than others. Its best to have short regular sessions than to try and "fix" everything at once. Over the weeks you’ll soon begin to notice that your well-being improves, that you can cope better with difficult situations, and that you feel more settled and balanced in yourself.  

Consult the Chakra Definitons to help with your Crystal Selection


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Amethyst – associated with the crown chakra. 

It is a stunning lavender colour formed by volcanic gasses. Amethyst is a variety of quartz, containing iron and forms in geodes within rock caverns.

Amethyst is said to encourage clarity of mind, spirituality and healing. Throughout antiquity, the stone has been used to maintain equilibrium and encourage self-control by helping the user to overcom addictions and bring stability by balancing polarities.

It helps to link the physical, emotional and mental bodies with the spiritual realms.

Healing, Wisdom, Divine love, Balance

Amazonite – associated with the throat & heart chakras.

Blue-green with white or light striations, it is a variety of the common mineral feldspar. The energies of amazonite are those of the female warriors. It reminds the user that physical manifestations true powers lie in knowing one’s self, helping us to shine a light inwards and revealing one’s own individual strengths and acknowledging theses talents.

Amazonite draws on your courage to seek and speak your truth. It inspires creativity and personal expression, raising the user’s energies. It will help us to see clearly in all situations, filtering out the nonsensical and revelling only in the real and true.

It can also help to tap into ancestral energies, as well as shield one from geopathic stresses such as microwaves, computers and mobile phones.

Stimulation, Courage, Communication, Clarity

Aventurine- associated with the heart chakra.

A variety of the quartz family, it is usually green with metallic flakes, but can be blue / brown depending on it chemical elements. Aventurine can easily be distinguished by its fine, sparkly inclusions.

Renowned for it's long historical use in carvings and healing in Tibet (especially improvements in eyesight), aventureine encourages happiness and relaxation. It promotes a positive outlook on life, as well as spiritual growth and can help with stabilizing ones emotions.

Improved sight, Gratitude, Tranquillity, Balance

Amber -  associated with the solar plexus chakra.

Transparent or opaque gold, yellow, brown or green Amber is the fossilized resin from conifer trees. Somewhat sticky and light to touch Amber is not strictly a crystal, although amber has been used for millennia as a precious gem in amulets and talismans.

The resin melts easily so it is soft enough to be worked in to custom pieces. The main sources of Amber are South America and the Baltic coast of Europe but it has been found in many places wordls wide due to its light nature and its ability to be carried on water.

Amber is said to concentrate the magical energies of the sun and symbolise life force energy. It aids with sharpening the thinking process, stimulating the body’s immune system and helping with nervous disorders by boosting energy and generating enthusiasm.

Also amber is renown for aiding the relief of depression and metal imbalances that cause feelings of disconnectedness.

Invigorating, Stimulating, Healing, Cleansing 


Blue Lace Agate – associated with the throat chakra.

Composed of micro crystals of quartz, blue lace agate is subtle and delicate. The lace bands of blue, white and grey resemble a cloudy landscape and it is one of the more uncommon varieties of agate - hence selling for a premium. South Africa has the finest deposits.

It helps with self-acceptance, communication and understanding, harmonising emotions and bringing equilibrium to unstable energies.

Restfulness, Calming, Nurturing, Peace



Citrine - associated with the sola plexus chakra.

It is an energizing pale yellow to deep brown gemstone which promotes positivity. It occurs naturally or can be subjected to heat treatment.

Citrine is known as the success stone. It cleanses the aura, boosts confidence and creates a sense of personal power. It is said to help the user to ensure their actions and decisions are ethical and spiritually sound.

Wealth, Prosperity, Uplifting, Self esteem

Carnelian – associated with the sacral chakra.

Carnelian is orange to red, translucent or opaque, coloured by iron oxide impurities. It crystallizes from silica-rich solutions and is usually found along shorelines.

Carnelian works with our sexual, creative and emotional expression. It has a warming quality and is said to help with physical regeneration, especially that of the reproductive centres. It aids in the pursuits of creative projects and the acceptance of life cycles, giving it's user the strength to overcome blocks and apathy.

Carnelian releases stress and trauma and the stone is highly sought after for it's courage and confidence boosting abilities.

Fertility, Repairing, Sexuality, Warming




Fluorite – associated with the heart, throat and 3rd eye chakras.

Comes in a variety of colours green, blue, purple & yellow and clear. Formed in stepped cubes, it resembles miniature cities. It is an important component in many industrial processes, such as glass and steel making.

Fluorites is useful against electromagnetic and geopathic energies, protecting from negative external influences. It is a powerful agent for learning and concentration and facilitates assimilation of new ideas and understanding of fine details. It promotes orderliness and helps the user to master physical skills, improving dexterity and balance.

Focus, Innovation, Planning, Inspiration




Hematite - associated with the root chakra.

Mirrored metallic red, silver and black, Hematite has a high iron content and is predominantly found in smallish deposits in Africa.

In ancient times, the stone was used by warriors for protection, fostering inner strength and restoring energy when one feels lethargic. Said to ward of demons and dissolve co-dependent relationships, it aids in overcoming feelings of unworthiness that may manifest in the form of substance abuse or other forms of self-harm.

Empowerment, Energising, Inner confidence, Protection




Jasper  – associated with the base chakra. 

Jasper known as the safety crystal is found abundantly around the world. It is used to feel more grounded when one feels anxious and aids in stopping reckless behaviours. Jasper is connected to the Earth and encourages a deep ecological awareness. It brings stability and balance, and is particularly grounding as a worry stone, or for dissolving a sudden rush of fear, anger, or panic. It facilitates deep meditation and centering, and grants access to past lives for karmic healing.  

Health, Stability, Fearlessness, Security


Kyanite- associated with the throat chakra and tired eye chakras

Know as the stone of attunement Kyanite Helps with focusing the mind and bring about a state of calm. It does not hold negative energy thus never requires cleansing. It can over come blocked ascension such as ignorance, self denial and dishonesty. It stimulates the higher thought process and enables the user to ground spiritual values and integrity.

Connecting, Meditation, Access, Flow


Lapis Lazuli- associated with the throat chakra and tired eye chakras.

Deep blue lazurite speckled with golden pyrite and white calcite, Lapis Lazuli is a premium 3-in-1 gemstone.

Considered the gemstone of kings, queens and pharaohs, lapis lazuli blocks psychic attack, returning negative energies of thought, words and deeds to their original source. The stone promotes justice, steadfastness and courage is known to increase mental clarity, intuition and aid in past life recall.

Power, Serenity, Truth, Memory

Labradorite- associated with the upper body chakras.

Grey to black with inclusion of magnetite, the light bounces iridescences of yellow, orange green and peacock blue.

Labradorite helps the users overcome fear and use intellectual analysis in order to process the higher mind and shift awareness outside the normal range. It shields the aura of the wearer, to stop relationships draining your energy.

Openness, Meditation, Flexibility, Psychic



Malachite – associated with the heart chakra

Light green streaks mixed with dark green and black bands, malachite is a secondary mineral of copper deposits.

It's a stone of journeys, healing and birth, said to help with the alignment of DNA and cell structure. It leads the user to transform and live more intensely, take responsibilities for one's self and shed outdated ties and patterns.

Soothing, Detoxifying, Fertility, Growth

Mookaite – associated with the lower chakras.

A sedimentary rock which has been formed from the skeletal remains of tiny sea creatures and is found exclusively in Australia, with bands of red, brown and yellow, this quartz mineral resembles natural earth pigments.

Mookaite provides a sense of safety and exploration of the unknown. It increases awareness of the life-giving flow of the earth’s energy, encourages harmonious activity and helps with practical solutions. It is also said to stabilise the lower chakras, helping to stimulate the immune system.

Smoothing, Safety, Relaxing, Practical




Obsidian (black) – associated with the base chakra

Formed by swiftly cooling molten lava, obsidian is mainly found in volcanic regions.

It helps to breakdown-outworn patterns in our lives and provides relief from mental and deep emotional distress. Obsidian releases emotional blockages and past traumas, re-energizing the soul. It encourages new growth whilst supporting and protecting the user.

Protects, Grounding, Transforming, Cleansing

Opalite aka Tiffany Stone- associated with the third eye and crown chakra.

Opalised fluorite or moonstone is a man-made glass resin, typically translucent in appearance. Opalite is revered in crystal healing for its purifying properties. Although man made it still possesses many qualities that help the user with intuition, communication, insight and visions.

It is said to strengthen romantic bonds by stimulating sexual prowess and boosting the libido, enhancing one's sexual encounters.

It is also useful for when undergoing great life changes such as having a baby, moving home, changing jobs etc. It can make life easier by smoothing out transitions.

Sexuality, Femininity, Evolution, Nurturing



Pyrite aka Fools Gold – associated with the solar plexus chakra.

Found in perfect cubes, complex clusters and striated disks it is metallic gold in appearance. When pyrite is found it usually means that real gold is not far away, symbolising success to those willing to follow their dreams.

Used as a mirror in ancient Mexico, pyrite's reflective qualities were used to protect against all forms of darkness and as a mirror to reveal the truth.

Uplifting and fast moving, pyrite helps the user to overcome doubt, depression and despair by sparking inner creativity and bringing ones dreams to light.

Creative, Reflective, Abundance, Activating




   Rose - associated with the heart chakra.

One of the most valued quartz variety generally pink and cloudy, it is the trace of titanium or magnesium that give it it's delicate pink hue.

This stone works with all matters relating to love and healing of the heart. It helps the user to offer and receive the unconditional love and aids with self-love, beauty and even complexion and healing past wounds.

Rose quartz promotes harmony in relationships and replaces negative thought patterns with love, releasing emotional pain and past suffering.

Love, Beauty, Release, Friendship

   Smokey – associated with the crown and lower base chakras

Light brow with yellow and black hues it is often found in mountains regions where granite is present, or within volcanic rock.

It attunes to the individuals needs, removing blocks and promoting growth. One can sense the depths of space as it concentrates energy and provides a focus for meditation. Calms the mind and gently grounds the user, opening them up to the possibilities of new creations, deep passions and the memory of ancient earthly events. 

Potential, Beginnings, Stability, Absorbing


   Clear aka Permanente Ice – associate with the crown chakra

Transparent or milky, pointed or clustered, clear quartz contains the full spectrum of colours and can be identified by its long prisms and hexagonal cross sections.

It amplifies other gemstones as well as the users actions and intensions. Said to strengthen the users aural field and increases clarity of thought and sharpness perception. Prized by healers and shamans for its abilities in accessing the spirit world, it encourages the user to experience all aspects of nature, human and divine. It is a must have for any crystal collection.

Amplifying, Visions, Brightening, Flexibility




Serpentine- aka New Jade – associated with the heart and crown chakra.

With shades of green, yellow, red and brown forming from olivine rocks, it’s patterning is reminiscent of snakeskin.

Serpentine enables the absorption of prana (life force energy) through out the whole body and has the power to avert harm. It dispels fear and heightens perception, allowing for new states of awareness.

It is said to awaken the kundalini energies located at the base of the spine and encourage contact with elemental beings, as members of the devic realms resonate with its energies.

Enlightening, Comforting, Prana, Courage

Selenite- associated with the crown chakra.

White in appearance, or very occasionally yellow, brown, red or blue. It has a luminous glow, much like the moon, and is named after the Greek goddess Selene. A gem quality form of gypsum it is formed by evaporated sea salts.

Used to unblock stagnant energies and cool the pains created by this, Selenite connects with our essential essence. It expands our consciousness so we can explore cosmic and earthly connections, thus connecting the user to the universal consciousness of all things.

Connection, Manifestation, Cooling, Expansion



Tiger eye (golden) – associated with the solar plexus chakra

Luxurious, highly packed bands of brown and gold make tiger’s eye seem to move and change, when light reflects off the fibres in the stone. It's high vibrations facilitates our inner ability to sit quietly and allow our thoughts and skills to mature.

Protecting us against evil eye and witchcraft, it diverts unwanted energy and confuses your opposition. It aids the user by shining a light inwards to illuminate one's spiritual potential in order to drive the user forward.

Also helps to ground scattered energies and combats periods of long loneliness by encouraging contact with other like-minded people.

Patience, Readiness, Sociability, Realism

Tourmaline (black) – associated with the root chakra.

Positively and negatively charged on opposite ends when heated, black tourmaline is used to balance extremes and dispels negative energy. It gets its rich black colour from the amount of iron it contains and has strong links to the earth's magnetic field.

It deflects potential harm and is used for calming nervous tensions. It is said to aid in balancing both brain hemispheres, enabling the user to transcend the mundane and achieving unity with the cosmos. 

Grounding, Protection, Unity, Awareness

Tektite – associated with the lower chakras.

Forming in various shades of green, black and brown, tektite tends to be irregular and pitted. Resembling dried tar, it has mysterious origins and is said to be the result of meteor impacts millions of year ago.

It is used to combine terrestrial and extra-terrestrial influences helping the user with dream recall and assisting with astral travel. It neutralises over-emotional states and unclogs unhealthy energy flows, creating positive changes at the spiritual level.

Transforming, Neutralizing, Amalgamates, Grounding


Unakite – associated with the solar plexus and heart chakras.

Unakite helps to open and clear the solar plexus chakra, which stores emotions; it uncovers what’s holding us back and raises the users self esteem by dissolving blockages. The stone maintains and sustains a gentle steady release of feelings and encourages us to express them in a healing manner, bringing clarity in order to help one with making firm decisions.

Balance, Self-worth, Soothing, Loosens






Chakras, energy healing and yoga

Meditation and spirituality concept.


The subtle body and the chakras. 

Seven principle chakras are located in a line running down the centre of the body. Originating in ancient India this concept describes an undetectable network of channels through which life energy (prana) flows. This life energy transcends the physical body and is linked to the aura of the individual. Each chakra governs certain aspects of our being, when functioning appropriately each chakra is believed to vibrate at the frequency of one of the colours of the rainbows spectrum. A malfunction in one affects them all, thus inhibiting prana to flow smoothly throughout the body. As a result our Physical, mental and spiritual well-being become sluggish or blocked resulting in illness or unease.

Identifying and correcting the unbalanced energy patterns helps the body to regain balance, release stress and repair damage.

Balancing the chakras is at the heart of crystal healing, we can use crystals to balance each chakra with its main energetic colour e.g. Placing a stone of the appropriate colour on each chakra for a few minutes will help with balancing the whole system.