The Empress of Uruguay

The Empress of Uruguay is the world’s largest amethyst geode, standing at nearly 11 feet tall and weighing as much as a family car. With tens of thousands of deep purple amethyst crystals, the interior of the Empress radiates and wows everyone that comes to see her.

Originally discovered in the Artigas region in northern Uruguay, the geode was transported to the Crystal Caves Museum in Australia in 2007.  Visitors are encouraged to touch, feel and take photographs of The Empress of Uruguay. The geode gives off an incredible shine and glow that’s completely natural, no manmade enhancement has occurred at all.

The amethyst geode arrived at the museum completely intact, the front face of was removed carefully to reveal the stunning crystal structure inside. Since it arrived in Australia people have offered upwards of $190,000, however so far, the structure is not for sale.