Crystals and Colour

Colour is the key to how a crystal heals. This energy stimulates the brain altering the way we think and feel as well as our physical well-being.

Our reaction to colour instinctive and cannot be controlled. If we learn the affects of each colour we will begin to understand why we are draw to some crystal more than others. Many crystals appear in more than one colour, this is because some samples contain different atoms and elements that slightly distort the crystals internal lattice. To discover a crystals true colour, gem experts perform a streak test. This involves scrapping a crystal across a ceramic tile to leave fine dust particles, revealing the crystals underlying colour.

Basic Colour Qualities

Black- grounding
Brown- enabling
Red- energizing
Orange- releasing
Yellow- organizing
Green- balancing
Blue- communicating
Indigo- cooling
Violet -integrating
pink - accepting
White- cleansing
Clear- clarifying