Ammonite Fossil (pair)

Ammonite Fossil (pair)


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Ammonite - associated with all chakras.

 Ammonites are the petrified remains of some of the most ancient life forms to have evolved on earth. These fossils form when dead animals or plants become covered by layers of sediment. Over time the oxygen free environment (usually in river beds /ocean floors) replaces the organic material by layers of minerals dissolving the once living organism completely to leave a hollow cast, which is filled with other minerals.

The fossils are formed with striking shapes and patterns, and have been regarded as protective and powerful talismans for thousands of years.

Its uses include healing with stabilising the chakra systems, restoring order, memory recall and accepting change of the cycles of time.

Weight: 53.3g 

Size: 2 inches x 0.7 x 1.5 inches (approx)

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