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Amber-associated with the solar plexus chakra 

Transparent or opaque gold, yellow, brown or green Amber is the fossilized resin from conifer trees. Somewhat sticky and light to touch Amber is not strictly a crystal, although amber has been used for millennia as a precious gem in amulets and talismans. 

The resin melts easily so it is soft enough to be worked in to custom pieces. The main sources of Amber are South America and the Baltic coast of Europe but it has been found in many places wordls wide due to its light nature and its ability to be carried on water.

Amber is said to concentrate the magical energies of the sun and symbolise life force energy. It aids with sharpening the thinking process, stimulating the body’s immune system and helping with nervous disorders by boosting energy and generating enthusiasm.

Also amber is renown for aiding the relief of depression and metal imbalances that cause feelings of disconnectedness.

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Size: 20mm (average) Weight: 0.75g (maximum)

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